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Avoid these 3 common co-parenting mistakes

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2023 | Custody & Visitation |

When your California marriage or relationship ends and you have a child with your former partner, you may have to learn to co-parent with one another until your child comes of age. While effective co-parenting is not always easy, research shows that your child experiences numerous benefits when you find yourselves able to do so.

Per Medical News Today, children whose parents learn to co-parent with one another become less likely to experience anxiety or depression than their peers whose parents do not get along. Part of effective co-parenting involves recognizing the mistakes others make, and here are three of the most common errors parents make when navigating their co-parenting relationships.

1. Failing to compromise

It is inevitable that, at some point, you or your former partner may need to change your plans and have the other parent step up to the plate. Some co-parents intentionally avoid compromising with their former partners simply because they do not want to make things easier on them. However, failing to exercise flexibility often contributes to co-parenting squabbles.

2. Speaking ill of the other parent

Another common co-parenting error involves speaking ill of your child’s other parent in your son or daughter’s presence. If you have ill will toward your ex, consider seeing a therapist or venting to a close friend, rather than the child you share together.

3. Trying to “win” your child’s love

Some co-parents also find themselves competing with one another in an attempt to “buy” or “win” your child’s love.

When you feel or speak negatively about your child’s other parent, it has the potential to confuse, anger and otherwise hurt your son or daughter. Learning to keep your feelings private is an important part of learning to co-parent.