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A Skilled Ally To Help You During Stressful Times

If you need to use the law to handle a private family law matter, it’s hard to remain objective when both you and your loved ones are affected by this situation. Fortunately, you don’t have to confront this issue alone.

At Amaral Law Inc., you can rely on me to advise you with compassion and skill because I know how stressful family law conflicts can be. I have first-hand experience with many personal legal issues, including divorce and custody battles. Using my insight and substantial legal background, I can help you find positive solutions for a variety of issues.

Offering Extensive Family Law Services

Since 2013, I have successfully represented families and individuals throughout the Stockton-Lodi metro. At Amaral Law Inc., I provide straightforward counsel and strive to resolve matters as efficiently as possible because I understand that legal proceedings are emotionally and financially taxing.

I am ready to assist you with a range of concerns, including:

  • Minor’s counsel
  • Separation
  • Same-sex and opposite-sex divorce
  • Child custody disputes
  • Child and spousal support conflicts
  • Relative adoption, stepparent adoption and independent adoption
  • Domestic violence and family law restraining orders

I represent people who need court protection from an abusive spouse or other person. I also represent people who are accused of abuse during a divorce or child custody action.

When you work with my office, you will receive the attentive service that you deserve. I understand the frustrations clients feel when their lawyers do not return calls or fight for their best interests. My personal and professional background allows me to provide the advocacy you need during a difficult time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law

Read on for answers to common questions about family law.

What Exactly Is Family Law?

Family law is broad category that addresses relationships between spouses as well as between parents and children. Everything from divorce to child custody to adoption, paternity and child protective services cases falls under the umbrella of family law. One type of case – domestic violence – can be both a criminal case as well as a civil family law case (involving restraining orders).

What Can A Family Law Attorney Do For Me?

A family law attorney can represent you in any type of family-related legal proceeding. They can advise you of your rights, prepare the paperwork, negotiating and draft agreements, and handle other aspects of the legal case. A big part of their job also involves providing guidance on your options so you can make informed decisions on how to move forward with your case. They can walk you through the risks and benefits of each potential course of action. They can answer your questions and address your concerns, serving as your advocate, adviser and ally.

Is California Family Law Different From Other States?

Each state has its own legislation addressing family law. The broad strokes are generally similar, but the details differ. One example is property division in divorce. California is a community property state, which means that property owned by either spouse during the marriage is considered to equally belong to both spouses.
Because each state is different when it comes to the nuances of family law, if you live in California, it’s important to work with a local attorney who is licensed in California and understands the details of our state’s laws. I have spent my entire legal career handling family law cases in California. I understand the intricacies of our state’s laws and legal processes.

Take That First Step Today

With over a decade of family law experience – over 12 years as a family law paralegal and as a licensed attorney since 2013 – I am qualified to represent you in negotiations and in court. Contact my Stockton office to learn how I can help you today.

You can easily reach my firm online, by texting me or calling 209-881-9136. Please schedule your consultation to speak to an attorney who cares.