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Upholding Your Children’s Interests During Family Disputes

As a parent, you know that it’s important to prioritize your children’s interests before your own. If you are involved in a heated family dispute, however, their needs can take a backseat to other concerns. Your family law conflict may be temporary, but the effect it has on your relationship with your children can last for years.

At Amaral Law Inc., I make it my priority to advocate for children when I assist parents with all family law issues. I strive to minimize the impact your legal concerns have on your children’s mental and emotional welfare. Using my compassion and legal knowledge, I have helped many families in San Joaquin County protect their family bonds while resolving custody and visitation conflicts.

Securing Fair Custody And Visitation Agreements

I encourage parents to work together to find a solution without court involvement. Using negotiation to secure custody and visitation terms will allow you to retain more control over final agreements.

I remain up-to-date with California’s custody and visitation laws so I can educate you on the benefits and challenges associated with these options:

  • Sole physical custody
  • Joint physical custody
  • Sole legal custody
  • Joint legal custody

I will help you develop a custody or visitation plan that meets your children’s needs and protects your parenting rights. If you are unable to reach an agreement outside the courtroom, I am qualified to represent you in courthouses throughout Stockton and the surrounding areas.

Acting Swiftly During Custody Emergencies

Far too often, I have represented parents in custody emergencies, which include possible parental abductions or kidnapping. If your children’s parent disregards the terms of your agreement, I will act promptly to secure a court order. I have been able to receive emergency orders within 24 hours of the violation and have successfully petitioned for custody modifications and enforcement.

Connect With A Skilled Ally

You can connect with me via my online form or by texting or calling 209-881-9136. You can depend on me to return your messages promptly because I know that your custody issues are urgent. Arrange your custody consultation today.