It’s Important To Have Someone You Trust By Your Side

When you are struggling with an intensely private and stressful family law issue, you need an experienced, dedicated advocate in your corner.

At Amaral Law, I Am Committed To Your Cause
When you are struggling with an intensely private and stressful family law issue, you need an experienced, dedicated advocate in your corner.

Stockton Family Law Firm

Giving You The Attention You Deserve

Having faced family legal disputes in my own life, I understand completely how this period in your life can be overwhelming, frustrating and maddening. When your life seems to be falling apart, you need someone who is dedicated to helping you resolve this situation as efficiently and effectively as possible — so you can find closure and move on to the next stage in life.

At Amaral Law Inc., you can count on me to remain by your side at each stage of the legal process — from our initial meeting to the filing of motions and responses, from initial negotiations through to final judgment. When you hire me, it is my face you will see in court, not an associate’s. I will handle all aspects of your case from day one.

Practice Areas

Family Law

Whether it is a divorce or another family law issue, count on me to identify an effective remedy and a clear path forward.

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Divorce & Separation

Dissolving your marriage bond can be stressful. Let me focus on the legal process while you concentrate on the healing process.

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Child Custody & Visitation

As a parent, your children are your No. 1 priority. I am dedicated to promoting their best interests during this trying time.

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Minor’s Counsel

As minor’s counsel, I serve as the voice and advocate for the child in custody cases.

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Division Of Assets And Debts

Untangling separate versus community property can be a complicated endeavor in divorce.

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Customizing A Tailored Strategy For Your Case

Your family’s history and circumstances aren’t like other families’. So why should your legal strategy be the same as theirs? You deserve a customized strategy that’s tailored to your wants and desires. At Amaral Law Inc., I put your needs first. I tailor my counsel according to your situation. I will listen to your concerns, learn your story and provide much more than cookie-cutter representation when something as important as your parenting rights and assets are on the line.

Client-First Representation For Stockton-Lodi Metro Families

Exploring All Options

Having worked in the legal profession for over a decade (I have been a licensed attorney since 2013 and, prior to that, I worked as a family law paralegal for over 12 years), I have seen a lot of situations and strategies — I know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why I am not content to propose just one solution for your family law dilemma.

At Amaral Law Inc., I take the time to examine all available remedies before recommending a course of action. Many of my clients have benefitted from my diligence and the creative strategies that I design. I look forward to working with you and building a creative strategy that will help you move into the future with confidence and stability. From my law office in Stockton, I serve clients throughout San Joaquin County.

Tamran Amaral

Certified Family Law Specialist
Family Law Attorney
Minors Counsel

I have helped families involved in legal disputes for over 18 years. I use my personal and professional experience to identify solutions that allow your loved ones to move on after a family breakup or another sensitive legal matter.

About Me

Testimonials From Satisfied Clients

“Tamran represented me in my custody/adoption case. She went above and beyond to make this stressful time a lot easier. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an excellent attorney.” — Janit
“Tamran was amazing. She really cares about her clients. It’s because of her and her hard work that my children and I are now happy and moving forward with our lives. Thank you Tamran.” — Kenny
”Not only was she informative and genuinely sincere, but she was dedicated to the ultimate cause of gaining custody of my kids and settling the last of my divorce. As a military service woman, I am grateful. It’s an honor to know people like her will fight for you.” — Military mom of five kids