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A Steadfast Ally During Your Divorce Or Separation

Although you may feel that you have no other options, deciding to divorce or separate from your spouse can be difficult. If you are a parent, your responsibility to your children can add another layer of complexity to an already tough situation.

I understand the anxiety that you feel when you contemplate divorce or separation because I’ve lived through family law issues as well. At Amaral Law, I use this experience and my professional background to identify the legal approach that addresses your needs. You can depend on me to remain by your side throughout your legal journey.

Your Advocate During Separation

If you are not ready to dissolve your marriage bond in California, separating from your spouse may give you the time and space you want to contemplate your future. I can help you fulfill all requirements in this process, including:

  • Filing paperwork with the court, including petitions and responses
  • Establishing terms for your custody, financial support and property division
  • Obtaining the court order that declares that you are legally separated

Although the separation process is not as intricate as the divorce process, it is vital that you secure terms in a separation agreement that protect your interests. Should you decide to pursue divorce, your separation agreement will affect your leverage in divorce negotiations.

Guiding You Through The Divorce Process

Whether your family breakup is amicable or acrimonious, divorce is stressful. When you hire me, you can concentrate on supporting your loved ones while I address all your legal matters. I will listen to your concerns and examine your financial circumstances before recommending a course of action to pursue.

I customize my approach for complicated divorce issues that include:

  • Custody agreements
  • Financial obligation agreements for children and spouses
  • Property, asset and debt division agreements

I am mindful of divorce’s emotional and financial cost, so I make recommendations that make sense for you and help you achieve your goals. I am qualified to represent you in negotiations, litigation and mediation. Count on me to identify the most economical and effective method for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce And Separation In California

Below you will find answers to common questions about divorce and separation. This information is for general guidance only. Please reach out to me with questions about your specific situation.

Does California Offer Legal Separation?

Yes. You can opt for a legal separation to address issues such as property division and child custody. If you don’t meet the residency requirements for divorce or want to finalize aspects of the divorce while the waiting period is pending, you can start with a separation and later convert to a divorce.

Does California Have Fault Or No-Fault Divorce?

California was the first state in the nation to implement no-fault divorce. This means you don’t have to prove wrongdoing on the part of your spouse to get a divorce. You will still have to meet residency requirements and adhere to a waiting period, however.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce In California?

The answer depends on your situation, including the complexity of your assets, whether custody is an issue and to what extent you and your spouse are in agreement. California imposes a mandatory six-month waiting period from the date of filing until the divorce can be finalized. However, you can still address and resolve issues while the waiting period is pending.

Does It Make A Difference Who Files For Divorce?

No, it doesn’t matter who files first. Both parties will have equal rights and equal opportunity to be heard.

For some people, there is a personal or emotional reason to file first – or to not be the one who files first. It’s important to talk with an attorney about these concerns. They can advise you of the pros and cons of waiting to file so you can make a fully informed decision.

Get The Honest Assessment You Need Before You File

I offer no-pressure consultations because I want you to feel comfortable sharing your concerns with me before you take legal action. Please schedule your appointment by contacting me online, by texting or by calling my Stockton office at 209-881-9136.