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Minor’s Counsel: A Caring And Effective Advocate For Your Child

Children are at the heart of custody and visitation cases. Yet, they don’t have the ability or authority to speak for themselves. Minor’s counsel is an attorney appointed by the court, and usually hired by both parents or parties, to serve as the voice and advocate for the child.

At Amaral Law Inc. in Stockton, I serve as minor’s counsel in family law cases. I’m attorney Tamran Amaral. I have devoted my entire legal career – first as a paralegal, now as a lawyer – to helping people navigate family law issues. I understand the high stakes and tumultuous emotions involved in these cases. By serving as a diligent advocate for the child, I strive to make a positive impact in their life, setting them up for a stable future in a safe, supportive environment.

Common Questions About Minor’s Counsel In California

People often have questions about minor’s counsel. Below you will find answers to some common ones.

What Does Minor’s Counsel Mean?

Minor’s counsel refers to an attorney who represents the child in a family law case involving custody or visitation. This attorney is a neutral third party with respect to the parents or other parties involved. They represent only the child, advocating for the child’s best interests.

What Is The Role Of Minor’s Counsel In California?

Minor’s counsel serves as the voice of the child in court proceedings. They undertake a thorough investigation to evaluate the child’s circumstances. They may conduct interviews with the child’s parents, caregivers, teachers, doctors and other important people in the child’s life. Their goal is to uncover a comprehensive picture of the child’s life in order to effectively advocate for the child’s best interests.

At What Age Can A Child Speak In Court In California?

Generally speaking, the goal of the court, and typically the parents, is to prevent the necessity of children participating with court proceedings. Children often feel torn to choose a side if they are required to participate. This is why minor’s counsel is such a satisfying option for parents. This allows children to be heard without requiring them to participate in the proceedings.

Can A Minor Attend A Court Hearing In California?

In the family law context, children should never attend unless ordered by the court to do so. Again, the goal of the courts is to protect them from the court proceedings and custody litigation.

Learn More About How I Can Advocate For Your Child

If you’re looking for an experienced and caring advocate to serve as minor’s counsel for your child or your client’s child, reach out to me online to learn more about how I can help. You can also text me or call 209-881-9136. I am passionate about doing this tremendously meaningful work.