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Avoid making these mistakes with your children after a split

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2023 | Custody & Visitation |

Ending a marriage or intimate relationship comes at a price for both parties. However, those who often pay the highest toll during and after a split are the children shared between the couple. Whether parents wed or not, a breakup can leave an indelible mark on children.

Staying on the proverbial high road may feel impossible in the wake of a split; however, it is often the better route to take when it comes to maintaining the mental and emotional health of children. Steer clear of these common mistakes to help children find stability.

How much should the children know?

The children’s agest dictate how much information they should receive during the course of the breakup and after. A significant source of stress for kids after splitting into two homes is one parent sharing too much about the reasons behind this split, especially if these point fingers at the other parents. Bad-mouthing the other parent to children is one mistake that may lead to emotional damage.

Should decisions fall to the children?

One of the challenging things parents need to decide in the wake of a split is the parenting time schedule. As tempting as it may prove, it is better to formulate this with the children’s interests in mind but not with their input. This may lead to hurt feelings between parents and children and place immeasurable responsibility on their small shoulders.

Keeping the children at the forefront of any breakup is crucial to ensuring their needs remain a priority.