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Protecting the parent-child relationship after divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Custody & Visitation |

Divorce is challenging for every member of a dissolving family, but it is an especially difficult time for the children involved. Though divorce affects them immensely, children are not always aware of the details of what is happening to their family, which can make them feel angry, confused, and worried about what the future may hold.

In order to help children adjust to the big changes a divorce brings to their life, both parents need to take mindful steps to maintain a good relationship with their children.

Make time

Quality time with each parent is important for a child’s development regardless of their family dynamics, but regular parent-child connection is especially crucial for children of divorce. Children benefit greatly from consistent communication from each parent, as well as from as much time spent face-to-face as possible.


Children experience a host of feelings after a divorce. Parents should create a safe space for children to vocalize their thoughts, feelings, and fears and provide helpful, unbiased guidance as to help them cope with what is going on in their lives.

Keep it simple

Many parents choose to discuss adult issues in front of their children, sensitive topics and controversy are not appropriate for children. Interactions with children need to be free from adult rhetoric. These conversations are best saved only for the adults involved.

Stay positive

Children of divorce commonly experience a great deal of stress and anxiety when they feel caught in the middle between their two parents. Parents who speak negatively about the other with their children add undue stress to their young lives. Children need both parents to remain positive and supportive, regardless of messy adult circumstances.

Parenthood is a great responsibility, but good relationships will help every member of the family to cope with the impact of divorce.