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Financial professionals you may need in a divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2023 | Division of Assets and Debts |

When your California marriage ends, you may question what your future is going to look like in the absence of your husband or wife. You may also have concerns about retirement, taxes and similar financial matters, especially if your former spouse was the one who mainly handled these things. Many people facing similar circumstances are choosing to work with certain financial professionals with the hope that doing so is going to set them up for a stronger and more stable financial future.

According to Kiplinger, a divorce may have more of an impact on your finances than any other life event. For this reason, you may wish to work with one or more financial professionals as you work your way through asset division and related processes.  Here are a few examples of financial professionals who might be able to help you.

Certified financial planners

This type of financial professional seeks to set you up for a strong financial future once you begin life on your own. While he or she may help you negotiate a settlement that meets your needs, a CFP may also help you set retirement goals, create a budget and otherwise set yourself up for financial independence, post-divorce.

Certified public accountants

Many people navigating divorce also choose to work with certified public accountants along the way. These professionals have a solid understanding of how divorce impacts your tax obligations. They may, too, know how to find online or other income streams your former partner may try to hide from you so he or she does not have to split their value.

Other common financial professionals who might help you navigate your split include business valuators and certified value builders, among others.